The application process for scholarships for the Fall 2023 semester has closed, and award decisions were communicated via email in late March. Please click here for additional information on what to expect following your scholarship award.

The Successful Start scholarship application, for incoming, first-semester students starting at Bergen in Fall 2023, will launch April 15, 2023, and close May 15, 2023. Please click here to access the application and contact with any questions.

For continuing students, the next scholarship application cycle for the Spring 2024 semester will open in October 2023. A running list of external scholarships can be found here.


Who qualifies for scholarships?
To apply for a scholarship from the Bergen Community College Foundation, you must be enrolled in a degree program at Bergen Community College, with minimum 3 completed credits from BCC.

I do/do not receive financial aid.  Am I still eligible to receive a scholarship?
Yes. Most foundation scholarships are need-based, but a few are merit-based.  Note that international students are eligible for many foundation scholarships.

How does the Foundation evaluate need?
The foundation coordinates with Bergen’s Office of Financial Aid to clarify student need. Filling out the FAFSA form is strongly recommended for US citizens to access other types of financial aid, as well; you can access that form here:  For New Jersey residents, filling out the HESAA application is strongly recommended to access other types of state funding; you can access that form here:  HESAA.  If you have questions or need help with the forms, please reach out to the college’s Financial Aid office at (201) 447-7148, or email them at

If you have not applied for financial aid through the college, we may need additional information from you to demonstrate your need.

If I have any other questions, who can I contact?
If you have any questions about scholarships, please send an email to