James Amir ’13

Early on I wasn’t happy about going to Bergen Community College. Many of my friends with guidance, help, and financial stability had ended up in universities with high reputations. This was intimidating, but I was determined to do whatever it took to reach my goal of going to dental school. I had to work 2 full-time jobs and commute to classes. I was never top of the class, and rarely made the Dean’s list, but I was motivated to continue no matter what it took. After Bergen, I was able to transfer to Montclair State University on a “transfer Tuesday,” and then I was honored to be accepted into Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. I am now a practicing Dentist in my community. My dreams came true! I feel privileged and honored to serve my community. I realize that Bergen Community College is exactly what I needed to power-start my journey. I am a proud graduate of the class of 2013.