You can expand access to guidance and tutoring programs, as well as need-based and merit-based scholarships.

Many students need help to stay on track.  Bergen is committed to providing top academic support programs and access to financial aid.  But the demand is greater than the college can provide through regular funding.

How you can help:

Academic Tutoring
Support Bergen’s nationally-recognized Cerullo Learning Center, providing peer tutoring, faculty help, small study groups, and other solutions for students needing assistance with their work.  Last year alone, more than 70% of our students needed this resource, making more than 56,000 visits, and straining the college’s ability to provide it.  Your gift will ensure that this resource continues to be available to keep students on track for academic excellence.

Guidance and Mentoring
Support students struggling with personal challenges or family situations that can derail their education.  Sometimes all that is needed is some guidance or mentoring.  Our faculty and staff provide compassion, advice, and direction to help keep them on track.  You can join other donors in making it possible for the college to offer this critical support to students in need.

Need-based and merit-based scholarships
Help students to stay in school.  Scholarship support eases the financial challenges many face balancing school with work and family demands, helping them to stay in school, achieve their degree, and move their lives forward.